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Are You Considering Dental Implants? READ THIS FIRST!


Special Health

Information Kit About:



• How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

• What Different Options Do I Have?

• Are Dental Implants Right For Me?

...And so much more great information!


Special Health

Information Kit About:



• How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

• What Different Options Do I Have?

• Are Dental Implants Right For Me?

• Free Implant Consultation Certificate

We Say "Yes!" When Others Say "No!" We Specialize in the Most Difficult Tooth Replacement Options

  • From Broken or Missing Teeth to Dental Pain & Discomfort

  • Conquer the Frustration of Denture Wearing

  • Overcome Eating Challenges like Biting into Corn On The Cob or Steak

  • Reclaim Confidence, Banishing Embarrassment.

Get Your Confidence & Quality of Life Back Immediately with Permanent Replacement Teeth!

If you have…

  • 3 or more missing teeth or multiple teeth in disrepair

  • Been told you have limited jaw bone volume

  • No teeth or have dentures

  • Been told you’re not a candidate for dental implants

Find out more downloading our Free Special Health Information Kit all about Dental Implants at the top of this page and then schedule your Complimentary Consultation.

Five-Star Reviews from Our Patients Who Have had Tooth Replacement
in the Pagosa Springs Area!

"There was no real pain
to speak of."

“When I first saw my new teeth I was pleasantly surprised after anticipating that moment for quite some time – I wasn’t let down. I was very happy with them! There’s no feeling like when you can smile confidently. My advice would be to go for it, and be patient. Deciding to get Dental Implants was definitely one of the best investments I could have made in myself.”

"They made the decision
so much easier!"

“I thought ‘this is too good to be true – people are not this nice.’ I’ve been coming for several years and they are that nice. They’re like family – they’re really good people. They made the decision – that I knew I had to make – so much easier! I’d like to thank Dr. Thornell from the bottom of my heart for actually saving my life. Since I’ve had my teeth fixed I have not had any health issues.”

"He takes his time.
He works with you."

"When I was younger and I would go to a dentist’s office I was scared to death and I just knew I was going to get hurt – and I told Dr. Thornell at the very beginning ‘be careful with me.’ He took that into consideration. He just didn’t jump into my mouth and start working on it. He takes his time. He works with you. He makes you feel important and special."

"I have found everybody that works here to be friendly."

"I would reference to anybody who comes in the office to look around at the walls, not at the decorations and pictures, but all of his certificates. It’s quite obvious to me he’s got a lot of training, he keeps up with the dental technology, and he seems to be right on it all the time. As someone with an engineering background that makes me very comfortable being here."

"I had really no pain.
And I’m very pleased."

“I’d reached the point where I was like a rabbit – and I was working with two teeth. We discussed the options, and I went with four Implants on the up side and four on the down. I’m very happy that I went that route. They put you to sleep when they pulled all these teeth, I had really no pain. And I’m very pleased.”

"I don’t have to hide
anymore when I smile."

“This was my first experience with a dental implant. Since I had problems with my teeth being crooked he suggested to do the front six so they would all look alike. I have one implant and six crowns in the front and it’s the best they’ve ever looked! I don’t have to hide anymore when I smile – I was just amazed.”

Meet Your Pagosa Springs Implant Dentist

Dr. William Thornell


Dr William Thornell


I have over thirty years of experience in oral surgery with specialized training in dental implant surgery and complex restorative care. Dentistry has changed dramatically over the years and I have stayed on top of all the latest advancements and technology by participating in over a hundred and fifty hours of advanced clinical education a year.

One of the most exciting advances in dentistry today is the “Teeth in a Day” or “All on 4 Technique.” This technique is used for those individuals who may be losing all their teeth or have dentures that do not fit well, look good or function properly. If someone has battled tooth decay, endless dental repairs or gum disease that has never gone away even after treatment, this tooth replacement option is truly a ‘God Send.’ Instead of this being a hopeless situation the All-on-4, Teeth in a Day solution can deliver function, stability and peace of mind where there is no longer any worry or anxiety about your dental health.

Our office can now offer life restoring hope to those who have these debilitating conditions by giving them beautiful teeth, confidence and functionality in just one day. This is a service that I have been uniquely trained and certified in that only few dentists are qualified to perform. Nowhere else in Southwest Colorado can you exchange your poor dental health and failing teeth for a vibrant new healthy smile in just one day!

  • Diplomat Status and Implant Specialist accreditation with the American Board of Oral Implantologists for competence and expertise in dental implant surgery and comprehensive restoration.

  • Diplomat Status with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, their highest level of expertise and achievement for dental implant surgery and restoration.

  • Diplomat Status with the International Dental Implant Association, their highest level of honor and achievement for dental implant surgery and restoration for expertise in dental implant surgery and dental implant restoration.

  • Selected by the Academy of General Dentistry to receive their coveted Mastership award for completing over fifteen hundred hours of advanced continuing education in every dental discipline being taught today.

Video FAQs

What’s the Cost of
Dental Implants?

Why Implant-Retained Dentures?

Can I be Sedated for
this Procedure?

Life-Changing Results

Dental Implants Near You!

Life Improving Benefits
from Our Dental Implant Service!

The above dinner may seem impossible to eat right now for those with ill-fitting dentures or missing teeth.

With dental implant retained teeth foods like steak, corn-on-the-cob, fresh apples, and more will no longer be an issue!

  • No More Irritations...

Dental implant supported teeth are like natural teeth so you’ll be able to speak naturally and comfortably!

  • Look Younger, More Attractive...

Dental implants act just like real tooth roots. They stimulate the jaw which helps slow bone loss and atrophy. Slowing the rate of facial aging.

  • Eat What You Want...

Without the fear of your dentures popping loose, you can eat the things you want like apples, steak, caramel, corn, and more!

  • Feel Better About Yourself...

With dental implants you won't have to worry about your dentures possibly slipping out or embarrassing gaps or holes in your smile. Dental implant retained teeth will give you more self-confidence.

Instant Access to Our Free "Dental Implant" Information Kit! Find Out Cost of the Best Dental Implants & More.

Best Dental Implants Options Available
at Our Dental Office in Pagosa Springs

Fully-Restored Implants for
One or More Missing Teeth

Whether you’re missing one or more teeth, dental implants are a great solution for you. The Best Dental implants look and function like natural teeth.

All-on-4® Implants
“Teeth in a Day“

Fixed, non removable teeth that consist of a row of prosthetic teeth connected to a framework that is held in position by dental implants.

Find Out the Costs & Options Available in our Free “Dental Implant” Information Kit for a Single Tooth Implant or Dental Teeth Implants.

Get All of Your Questions Answered...

  • What is the cost of implants?

  • Are dental implants expensive?

  • Are dental implants worth it?

  • Can you actually restore your smile with replacement teeth?

  • What are the different treatment options available for missing teeth and tooth replacement? Are replacement dental teeth implants an option?

  • Why you should consider Pagosa Dental Implant Center for our dental implant services?

After completing the form at the top of the page your special health report and information kit will be on its way to your email.

At Pagosa Dental Implant Center we're your #1 source for dental implants near you!

Instant Access to Our Free “Dental Implant” Information Kit!

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